How to Find Your Property

Fill in one or more boxes

Last name (top left box): Smith finds Smith, Smithers, etc.

First name (top right box): Ste finds Steven, Stephen, etc.

Street address (middle left box):
2901 N 28th St
finds one property
N 28th St
finds all properties on the street
Town (middle right box):
Council Bluffs
limits search to this town
limits search to this zip code
Parcel number (bottom left box): Finds one parcel. Other boxes are ignored.

Click on the Find button

If more than one property is found

A list of addresses (with owner and parcel number) is displayed.
This list is limited to 500 items.
Click on the property you want to look at.

Information displayed for the property

Recent tax bills and payments
Owner, address and tax description
Assessed value and exemptions
Assessment data including sales prior to July 2000
(More recent sales info is available from the Residential Sales and Commercial/Industrial DOV pages.)
Descriptions of the land and buildings
Photos and sketches with dates

Note that a date of 1/1/96 on a photo or sketch indicates sometime in the two years preceding 1996 during a county wide reappraisal.

Click on the BACK button at the top of your browser to find another property.