Reaching our Site 24/7

When our connection to the Internet breaks, it takes 1 to 7 days for our service provider to reconnect us. To overcome this and provide service 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, we use two web servers connected to the Internet through different service providers, Windstream DSL and Cox Cable. connects you to one of our web servers through our Windstream service provider. connects you to our other web server through our Cox service provider. connects you to one of these two servers by looking up a numeric address on one of many name servers on the Internet. Unfortunately, if we change the numeric address because one of our connections is down, it often takes 24 hours for the change to propagate to all of the name servers.

So you can prepare for outages by making two bookmarks, one for each site. If you experience difficulty reaching our web page, try going directly to our first server with your bookmark. Then if that doesn't work, try our second server with your bookmark.